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2022 Vanderhall – Our Latest Obsession

What has three wheels, was born in America, and has the audacity to challenge a 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack? Well, the headline probably gives it away. It’s the 2022 Vanderhall!

With an average 0-60 mph of 4.4 seconds, this thing is a road machine! Surprisingly, the Dodge Challenger only inches toward victory on average by 1/10 of one second over the new Vanderhall Blackjack. That’s assuming the Dodge driver can keep those V8 powered wheels from turning loose on green. Yes, the Vanderhall smashes 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds!

But, what about its looks? The new Vanderhall road machines possess the allure of some kind of Italian Goddess. Some of the model names can remind us we’re in Italy (Venice, Carmel). But, despite the innocent trickery with the names, Vanderhall is Proudly Made in the USA in Provo, Utah.

The 2022 Vanderhall Autocycle

With its alluring, car-like body style, cockpit seating, and F1-inspired suspension, it’s no wonder it’s a show stopper. Boasting such pizazz, appeal, and seemingly Spiderman-like senses on winding turns and close corner pivots, it’s hard to argue! But, does the company offer more than just one model? (More on that below).

The trike (autocycle) versions are classified as a motorcycle yet ride more like a car. Two wheels in front and one in the back. So, this setup distinguishes it from the Challenger hands down. And, certainly other three-wheel trikes on the road…

Looking for your next summer piece of excitement? A ride for that next hot date? Here are some tips for purchasing a Vanderhall.

Step 1: Test Drive a 2022 Vanderhall

Find a Vanderhall franchise dealer near you and take it for a test drive.

Well, only if you’re looking to find out if the Vanderhall really has the street cred we’re giving it. Actually, how else would you know?

Step 2: Pick a Vanderhall Model

Vanderhall currently makes two models, with one on the way: The Venice & The Carmel, and the Brawley (coming soon). So, if you like off-roading, you might want to wait for the Brawley. And, that’s only because that thing looks bonkers! But, for all other on-road fun, the two models (and their various versions) will keep the wind breezing. They both yield a fulfilling driving experience full of excitement and adrenaline.

Step 3: Purchase & Finance at Premiere Motorsports

A common question customers ask us: how much is a Vanderhall? And, that’s a great question! Technically, a new Vanderhall can cost anywhere from $29,950 – $49,950 based on today’s price listings. But, it also depends on the model, trim, and configuration. As usual with cars. So, if you’ve saved up and have the funds needed to purchase your Vanderhall outright, that makes purchasing a seamless process.

For those interested in financing, we offer a wide variety of options. We work with Full Spectrum lenders. And, if you’re looking for competitive interest rates, that’s one of our specialties! More often than not, the better your credit score, the lower the rate you can qualify for. Nothing new here.

But, don’t let credit worries discourage you from applying for financing. Because there are ways to make financing possible for a wide variety of personal financial situations.

Step 4: Welcome to the Club

Financing is technically the last step. Well, at least before you get those long sought-after car keys in your hands. But, actually driving out of that dealership parking lot is when it all the fun begins. Because you’re joining a group a Vanderhall owners. A unique club of American purebreds and aesthetically alluring apex-hunters. So, buckle up and get ready for the ultimate addition to your family. A 3-legged monster that whispers, “catch me if you can?” Just don’t get too crazy too quickly…

When it comes to the safe operation of your Vanderhall, don’t cut corners. You should always wear the seatbelts provided. Well, that is a gimme for any car. But, we’re obviously not talking about your average car here.

Helmets are not required in all states, however, we suggest all drivers do wear them. Consider driving on back roads first. This should give you a feel for the handling. Then, opt for the freeway to get a feel for higher speeds. Or, find yourself an open road filled with twisties and back-country views!

Searching for a Vanderhall Dealer Near Chicago?

There aren’t many out there, because Vanderhall is a relatively Selective Franchise Brand. Just like its owners and drivers, dare we say. We’re very proud and lucky to say Premiere Motorsports recently became an official Authorized dealer – Vanderhall of Plainfield. Yes, we’re currently taking pre-orders! Feel free to view what we have to offer.

Looking to see a Vanderhall for yourself in person? Or, why the 2022 Vanderhall is the smoothest and sexiest new road trike on the road? Then, stop by into our dealership in Plainfield, IL. We are conveniently located right off of I-55 and Route 30 at Premiere Motorsports 16300 S. Lincoln Hwy, Plainfield, IL 60586.

Feel free to reach out to one of our sales specialists at (708) 634-0007 or online.

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